You may remember the context menu for managing window tabs from earlier. Let's go over what the Workspaces option in this context menu does. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this menu allows you to manage your workspaces. A workspace contains the entire configuration of your windows: Their sizes, layout, and the tab types they contain.

#Creating New Workspaces

When you start Renda Studio it automatically creates a new workspace for you. So don't have to use workspaces if you don't want to. Studio will automatically load the layout from the last time you had it open.

There are two ways to create new workspaces, the easiest one is clicking Add New Workspace. This will create a new workspace using the default Studio layout. Alternatively, you can clone one of your existing workspaces by choosing Clone inside of the workspace that you wish to clone.

#Saving Workspaces

New workspaces have the Autosave toggle enabled by default. So you can make all the changes you like without having to worry about losing your layout.

But if you want to quickly try something out, you can uncheck this, and make a bunch of temporary changes. If you want to revert to the way things were, click Revert to Saved State. Or, if you like, you can click Save and store your new messy layout.