Thanks for considering contributing to Renda!

There are many ways to contribute:

#Submitting Bug Reports

If you found a problem with Renda Studio or its engine, you can search for and report bugs in our bug tracker. The more details the better. If you found an existing bug make sure to 👍 it to indicate that you're having the issue as well.

#Submitting Suggestions

If you have a suggestion, we'd love to hear about it! Try to describe what issue you are trying to solve. Usually, there are multiple ways to go about solving it. Maybe others can chime in and share their thoughts on what a solution should look like. Or maybe there is even already a solution available!

#Submitting Pull Requests

Renda is still pretty early in development and major decisions about the architecture are still being made. Because of this, a lot of issues still require a discussion about the approach that needs to be taken. If you want to contribute code, search for issues labeled "help wanted". They are more likely to be accepted.

To find your way around the files, check out Working With the Codebase.


The GitHub issue tracker is meant for bugs and suggestions. If you have questions (or answers!) you can post those on our GitHub Discussions page.

#Updating documentation

If you found incorrect information or a typo in this manual, you can let us know by opening a new issue.

Or if you want to fix it yourself, you can submit a pull request. You don't need any programming knowledge to be able to do this. Just find the file you want to edit in this repository and click the edit button in the top right. To learn more about editing files on GitHub, check out the GitHub documentation on this.

#Spreading the word

The more people that use Renda, the more useful it will become for everyone. Tell all your friends about it, tell your mom, tell your local plumber!