#History Graph

The history graph shows the changes you have made in the past. It allows you to undo and redo previous actions.

Your previous actions show up in chronological order from top to bottom. Clicking one of these entries makes the state of your project go back to when that action was performed.

In a lot of software, it is possible to lose a lot of progress by going far back in your history and then making a change. That's because usually when you make a change, that overwrites any of the undo's that you have done.

But in Renda Studio it is completely fine to do this. The history graph will simply create a branch for your new changes. You can go back to entries in your old branch at any time simply by clicking them.

If you're already familiar with Git branches, this history graph might seem familiar. But while the history graph may look like a Git graph. It is actually completely unrelated and has no idea about the state of Git in your project.