Renda Studio has no single location where all preferences are stored. Instead, you'll usually find the preference you're looking for inside the window related to that preference. If a window has preferences available, it will show a button in the top right corner with a gear icon. Clicking that will reveal a popover containing all the preferences for that window.

#Preference Locations

The preferences popover contains a dropdown menu at the top that allows you to choose the location where your changes will be stored. This allows you to only change your preference for the current project for example.

These are locations you can choose from:

  • Global: These preferences are stored in browser cookies. This causes the values to be shared across projects, windows, and workspaces.
  • Workspace: These are stored in the current workspace. Switching to a different project will not cause the preference to change. But switching to a different workspace means the value will change in case it has been set.
  • Version Control: Preferences are stored in a file in the current project. This file is tracked in git, meaning that if other users checkout the repository, they'll benefit (or suffer, depending on your decision!) from your changed value.
  • Project: This is similar to 'Version Control' above, but this file has been .gitignore'd. So your changes will stay on your local device, and other users of the repository will not be surprised by your obscure configurations.
  • Window - Workspace: This is similar to 'Workspace' except that the value is applied to the current window only. For example, this allows you to create two entity editors side by side. One where the grid is visible, and another where it isn't.
  • Window - Project: Again, this is similar to 'Project' but stored inside the specific window where you are editing the value from.

The dropdown menu (and the above list) shows all the locations in order of priority. So if a value has been modified inside the 'project' location, it will take precedence over the value inside the 'global' location.

#The Default Location

The dropdown menu also has 'Default' as an option. This is not a location, but it configures all preferences to use their preferred location. This means two preferences can be visible next to each other, even though both store their values at different locations.

Most of the time the default location for preferences is 'global', but sometimes it makes more sense to store preferences somewhere else. One example is the preference for controlling whether to allow your project to be remotely edited. You likely only want to enable this for some projects, so by default, this preference is stored in the 'project' location.

All preferences use sensible default locations. So you generally don't have to worry about where it is stored.