#Numeric GUI

Numeric GUIs are used in all kinds of places to allow you to adjust numeric properties, such as the field of view of a camera, or the intensity of a light source. But they also appear as a list of numeric GUIs when manipulating vectors, such as the position or scale of an object.

#Adjusting Using the Keyboard

There are several ways to adjust the value of a numeric GUI. Perhaps the most straightforward way is to just click it and type a number on your keyboard.

But another method is to use the up and down arrow keys. This adjusts the digit at the location of your selection. If no digit is selected, the first digit to the right of your caret will automatically be selected for you.

#Adjusting Using the Mouse

Alternatively, you can also click and drag your cursor up and down. Your pointer will stay locked so you don't have to worry about reaching the edge of your screen. When doing so you can adjust the speed with which the number changes with the following modifier keys:

  • Alt multiplies the speed by 0.1.
  • Shift multiplies the speed by 10.
  • Ctrl or multiplies the speed by 100.

And finally, it is also possible to adjust values by scrolling the mouse wheel. When doing so, the same modifier keys apply.