Renda is a modern rendering engine built with the web in mind. You can use it to create games, interactive experiences, or anything that requires 3d graphics. It is lightweight, has zero dependencies, and its download size scales with how many features you use.

Renda comes with an online editor called Renda Studio where you can easily build your scenes and adjust parameters to your liking.

#Design goals

  • Provide a web based editor that can run without installing anything.
  • No login or paywalls.
  • Fully open source.
  • Great usability for new users, greater flexibility for advanced users.
  • Tight feedback loops with immediate updates when you make a change.
  • Small bundle sizes that only contain code that you are actually using.

full list of design goals

#Choose Your Approach

If you're just starting out with development, you likely want to use Renda Studio. It is an editor which allows you to easily build your scenes, or adjust materials and other assets. If you want to learn how to use Renda Studio, head over to Getting Started.

But if you'd rather prefer to control your application from a code editor, it is also possible to use Renda as a library. Head over to Framework, Library, or in Between to find out how.